In order to increase engagement, mobile apps need two way interaction. It is not just about you pushing content to them, but also hearing back from them, and giving them engaging content to play with. There are several ways you can use mobile surveys and quizzes.

Businesses can use surveys to collect feedback from users after a certain action. Those who do receipt based and website surveys can attest to how low the response is – only 1 percent of all consumers actually take these surveys. Triggering the feedback on the mobile app or a tablet-based kiosk allows businesses to capture feedback instantly right after the experience. Add a reward or incentive to the action and increase the response rate by 5x more. Feedback allows you to understand your customers, segment them, take action and push appropriate content in future. Industry statistics show a 10 percent increase in customer retention will increase profits by roughly 30 percent. Apart from businesses, government departments can automate data collection by integrating this feature in their mobile apps or equipping their staff with tablets for on-field data collection resulting in savings of 25-50 percent in data collection costs.

Mobile quizzes can be used to engage users both at home and when they are at a location. For example, when a user is at a location, a proximity trigger such as a geofence or iBeacon can be used to push a short quiz where users can answer a few multiple choice questions. Based on these answers, they are provided recommendations on who to see or what to do at the location. Quizzes can also take the form of scavenger hunts where users are asked to locate certain items at the location by scanning bar codes, qr codes or the items themselves using augmented reality. Banks, Retail stores, Car dealerships, Museums, Book stores and more can find this feature useful. While at home, the similar quizzes can be used to engage users on what they want or would like. Anyone including publishers can integrate these tactics into the apps.

Mobinett Interactive is among the leading consulting companies to offer mobile solutions for surveys and quizzes with its hubEngage product – a mobile engagement platform that offers highly flexible and configurable feedback solution, supports several question types and has an SDK for integration into mobile apps. Powerful reporting and analytics allow for slicing and dicing data as needed making instant actions possible.

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At Mobinett Interactive we take an holistic approach towards product development from strategy to design to development and then deployment. Unlike most consulting companies, we take a step back to understand your goals first, marrying proprietary engagement frameworks with strong technologies that deliver results. By partnering with us you can gain from our team’s vast expertise in mobile technologies including hardware. Last but not the least, our partnership with the National Science Foundation’s Center for Autonomic Computing at University of Arizona gives you access to the latest in mobile and security.

Products developed by us have launched across the world, received rave reviews in the media, and are used by fortune 100 companies and startups.

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