Mobinett Interactive is among the leading companies to offer mobile solutions for Internet of Things (IOT). According to Gartner, the IoT market will be about 26 billion units installed by 2020, ABI Research is predicting 30 billion, Cisco is predicting 50 billion, and Morgan Stanley is predicting an astounding 75 billion IoT connected devices. While the numbers might vary, no one is disputing the fact that this is the market to watch for. Almost all of these connected devices will be monitored and managed with mobile apps. At Mobinett Interactive we have been working with connected devices for the last 3 years. Combining our expertise in both hardware and software stacks we have not only created mobile apps to communicate with the devices but have worked with our clients to spec out API and communication stack on the devices as well.

Some of the connected device projects we have worked on include Siren Marine, Dreamech and SF Bay State Currents. Siren Marine has a connected device on boats that can be used to remotely monitor engine stats, boat location and many other parameters from a native mobile app and through SMS. Dreamech has a bluetooth device connected to the OBDII port and a mobile app for monitoring and transmitting data to the dealers. Using this data, dealers can alert vehicle owners and pro-actively recommend services as needed. SF Bay State Currents collects data from sensors in the ocean on a periodic basis and forecasts currents for boaters in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Connected devices will play an important role in home automation, healthcare, manufacturing and more. Need to know how connected devices can play a role in your domain and have an idea to discuss? Talk to us today.

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At Mobinett Interactive we take an holistic approach towards product development from strategy to design to development and then deployment. Unlike most consulting companies, we take a step back to understand your goals first, marrying proprietary engagement frameworks with strong technologies that deliver results. By partnering with us you can gain from our team’s vast expertise in mobile technologies including hardware. Last but not the least, our partnership with the National Science Foundation’s Center for Autonomic Computing at University of Arizona gives you access to the latest in mobile and security.

Products developed by us have launched across the world, received rave reviews in the media, and are used by fortune 100 companies and startups.

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