Connected car is very much a part of the Internet of Things concept. In the next five years, 20 percent of all cars in the United States and Western Europe will be able to access Internet apps, via either smartphone connections or their on-board computer systems, predicts Juniper Research. Smartphones and cars are getting seamlessly connected giving users the ability to not only monitor statistics of the car but also control and run Apps from the phone in the car. Using a Bluetooth accessory that connects to the car’s on board diagnostics (OBD) II port, users can get informed about their car’s health through DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), mileage, and other statistics. DTC information when detected can be transmitted to car dealers who can then diagnose and suggest fixes remotely.

Connected cars also present an opportunity for retailers by opening up a new channel through which they can sell digital goods and services, help drivers find stores and check product availability while on the road. Juniper says 120 million app-connected vehicles will be on the road worldwide by 2017. More than three-quarters of those cars will be in North America, Latin America and Western Europe.

Mobinett Interactive is among the leading consulting companies to offer mobile solutions for connected car and automotive industry. The Dreamech platform which we recently developed incorporates OBD II based diagnostic mobile apps along with a platform for dealers to monitor and fix cars remotely. Talk to us to learn more about connected car mobile apps.

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At Mobinett Interactive we take an holistic approach towards product development from strategy to design to development and then deployment. Unlike most consulting companies, we take a step back to understand your goals first, marrying proprietary engagement frameworks with strong technologies that deliver results. By partnering with us you can gain from our team’s vast expertise in mobile technologies including hardware. Last but not the least, our partnership with the National Science Foundation’s Center for Autonomic Computing at University of Arizona gives you access to the latest in mobile and security.

Products developed by us have launched across the world, received rave reviews in the media, and are used by fortune 100 companies and startups.

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