In a short span, augmented reality applications have combined the virtual and real worlds. There are several domains from education to retail to healthcare where augmented reality technology can be leveraged. In the retail space, augmented reality apps are making stores more interactive and engaging. Imagine walking down an aisle at the supermarket. With one tap from your phone’s camera, an app can instantly capture the store displays and provide you with a wealth of information on the products. From reviews to price comparison to nutritional statistics, users can get a ton of information just by pointing their phone to the object of interest. Stores are also creating interactive shopping adventures similar to a scavenger hunt where consumers scan signages and are lead to through a series of tasks finally leading to a discount or a reward.

Augmented reality is also making its way into museums, publishing and interactive photos. Museums can enhance user experience by making art pieces AR enabled. When visitors scan an art piece, more information can be provided about the work. Since no additional hardware or logistical support is needed AR enabling museums becomes a relatively inexpensive proposition. Publishing on the other hand can increase advertising revenue and save costs by letting readers scan Ads or articles to get more information on their phones. Boating Times, a client of Mobinett Interactive has deployed AR for the magazine. Photo departments are also using AR to make photos more interactive and upsell their services. U4D-IT and Walmart Photos have implemented hubEngage technology to enable augmented reality for printed photos.

Last but not least, augmented reality apps are also making their way into education. In the LightUp App, developed by Mobinett, when children, take a picture of their electrical circuit, augmented reality can show an overlay with electricity flowing in addition to prompting if there are errors in their design.

Mobinett Interactive is among the leading consulting companies to offer mobile solutions for augmented reality. An easy to use and  scalable version of this technology is available as part of our hubEngage augmented reality sdk. Talk to us to learn more.

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At Mobinett Interactive we take an holistic approach towards product development from strategy to design to development and then deployment. Unlike most consulting companies, we take a step back to understand your goals first, marrying proprietary engagement frameworks with strong technologies that deliver results. By partnering with us you can gain from our team’s vast expertise in mobile technologies including hardware. Last but not the least, our partnership with the National Science Foundation’s Center for Autonomic Computing at University of Arizona gives you access to the latest in mobile and security.

Products developed by us have launched across the world, received rave reviews in the media, and are used by fortune 100 companies and startups.

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