hubEngage™ is a mobile engagement software that employs Continuous Integrated Loop (CoIL) Marketing™ to engage users based on user behavior, proximity technologies, feedback and big data algorithms.

hubEngage engagement tactics include gamification using rewards, badges, coupons, videos (promotional or ads), surveys, quizzes, scavenger hunts and much more triggered by user actions, geofencing, Bluetooth low energy beacons (iBeacons) and augmented reality. As users engage with tactics, hubEngage builds a 360 degree view of the user, helping you understand them better and automatically re-target them, quickly turning them into brand advocates. hubEngage technology gives your app real-time intelligence to trigger the right tactic at the right time, increasing relevancy and personalization. And because we designed it as a software development kit (SDK), hubEngage can be easily integrated into your existing mobile apps or websites without rebuilding new digital channels. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

hubEngage Features


Geofencing & Push Notifications


Augmented Reality

Surveys & Feedback

Quizzes & Scavenger Hunts

Turn on Engagement by Integrating hubEngage into your Mobile app or Website.