Just developing a mobile app or website isn’t enough to make it stand out among competition. Your mobile app needs to be top notch and provide the best possible user experience by engaging your users at all times. To achieve this you need to have a strategy in place that not only captures your product roadmap but also takes into account how your mobile app can be made stickier with your target segment. At Mobinett Interactive, we believe that a well thought mobile app development process helps create products that stand out in the crowded market. We first understand your objectives in detail to create an user engagement strategy. Then we bring in appropriate latest mobile technologies and frameworks to implement the strategy and launch your mobile app. Once your mobile app is out in the market, we can help you analyze mobile app usage patterns and tweak the strategy accordingly. By refining both the strategy and technology over a period of time, approximately around six months, we can ensure that your mobile app has the best user experience and stands out in the iTunes App store or Google play store.

By partnering with Mobinett Interactive, you can gain from our deep expertise in various domains such as Retail & Franchises, Healthcare & Nutrition, Automotive, Finance, Social Networking and more. We understand what makes a product tick in the market and what does not. Our Agile development process combined with Continuous Integration testing process guarantee high quality and scalable mobile apps and responsive mobile websites. Learn more about our process below…

Technology and User Engagement Strategy
We understand that producing a new product or service requires a well-executed strategy to succeed. At Mobinett Interactive, we collaborate with you to:

  • Understand product vision and goals
  • Identify market gaps and opportunities
  • Define target market segments
  • Define objectives and measurement criteria
  • Evaluate user experience and technology options
  • Develop phased roadmaps for mobile platform support and product enhancements
  • Help you learn and use recommended tools and techniques
  • Launch with success

Strategy discussions will cover user engagement through gamification and technologies like geofencing, bluetooth low energy, proximity beacons or iBeacons, NFC, IoT and more. We’ll help you decide what level of integration is appropriate to achieve your objectives and refine this along the way.

Conceptualization, Wireframing & Design
Once we understand the details of your product concept in the form of user stories i.e. “As a [user role], I want to [goal], so that [reason]”, our team will flesh out the concept further with you and help you validate these user stories against the overall business objectives and goals. We’ll suggest feature enhancements as needed and in some cases recommend scrapping features that may not add much value.

Once the concept is good to go, we’ll work with you to create wireframes that depict the screens required to bring your user stories to life. We’ll test and refine the screen flows to ensure the conceived application meets your users’ needs. As wireframing sets the path for development, it’s a critical process.

Using the wireframes as a model, we create appealing, rich interfaces that are attractive to your targeted users. We focus on crafting simple and intuitive user experiences to avoid confusing your customers, and to keep them happily engaged with your product.

Development and Testing
We follow a formal process for technical design, coding, code review, and quality assurance, to ensure you receive high quality and high performance apps.

Our agile development methodology with short development cycles will allow you to try new features in your apps every 1 to 3 weeks. With frequent client acceptance testing, you can request changes often, for optimal coding efficiency. We test the apps to ensure user stories are satisfied before asking you to test.

Deployment, Analysis and Refinements
Mobinett Interactive will work with you to deploy your apps to production. We’ll also work with you on any mobile app store submissions you need, and submit apps on your behalf.

Our team can help you plan and market your launch to maximize returns on your go-to-market investment. Along the way, we will allocate the right level of post-launch support for your apps for bug fixes and other enhancements. More importantly, we’ll work with you to analyze the performance of the mobile apps both from the technology and user engagement aspects. Based on this analysis we’ll suggest refinements including feature enhancements and tweaks that will increase user acquisition and traction.

Our goal is to deliver mobile solutions that meet your objectives and bring you the results that you expect.

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