MIAR – Augmented Reality Mobile Solution

MIAR is an Augmented Reality solution from Mobinett Interactive that brings real world objects to life, making them more relevant, interactive and engaging! A user walking through a supermarket, a museum or reading a magazine, can open the App, and with one tap, can scan an object of interest and discover a wealth of interesting content related to the object, such as videos, audio, reviews, product websites and much more! The content can be personalized based on the user’s location, interests and past activity. QR or Bar codes are not required. MIAR is an awesome, cutting-edge solution for Retail, Museums, Education, Healthcare, Tradeshows, Newspapers and Magazines, to engage consumers with amazing experiences!

Want to experience Augmented Reality?

Try it out... Click on thumbnails below and scan with MIAR App

If you have access to these real objects, you can also try scanning them instead of the images.

MIAR Solution Features

Easy Integration and Management

Integrating MIAR into mobile apps is as easy as 1-2-3. Using our SDKs for Android and iOS, AR can be configured and added in less than an hour. MIAR web dashboard allows you to add new targets and configure meta data such as title, caption, description, upload videos for streaming, web links and more. MIAR back-end can also be configured to pull data from your existing platforms or CMS.

Precise Targeting

MIAR solution enables you to target information/content by segmenting users based on geo-location, interests and past usage. So each user scanning an object can see information relevant for them. Social integration in the platform provides a richer data set.

Powerful Analytics

MIAR solution provides rich analytics on how and where users are interacting with AR. Data such as location, device information and statistics on number of scans can be used to analyze and tweak marketing/sales programs.

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