By 2016, there will be 44 Billion mobile app downloads. The average user will have 41 installed and use 15 often. Will yours be one among the top 15?

The mobile apps we build aren't just powered by the latest technology. We take a step back to understand your goals first, marrying customized engagement frameworks with strong technologies that deliver results. By leveraging interactivity tools, gamification and technologies like geofencing, augmented reality and bluetooth low energy proximity beacons or iBeacons, we make your mobile apps stickier and engage your users like never before. By integrating our pre-built modules and frameworks where necessary, we can bring the mobile app implementation and maintenance costs down substantially. Whether you are a startup working on your first mobile solution or a fortune 100 company trying to implement an omnichannel mobile strategy, our experienced team at Mobinett Interactive can engage with you to take your product from concept to launch in a quick and efficient way.

Our Engagement Model

Over the years by working on numerous mobile apps in several domains such as retail & franchises, health & nutrition, automotive, finance and more, we developed proprietary mobile engagement frameworks that can enhance user engagement tremendously. The framework dissects a user’s decision making process and triggers tools to enhance and influence the path to purchase. The result - mobile apps that run on our proven model attract, retain and grow brand advocates, increasing ROI through traffic and sales.


In addition to technology and content you need an engagement strategy that can educate users on your products and offerings. Our proprietary code can trigger knowledge reinforcement interactive tools based on user behaviors - for example, by detecting where the user is and what they are doing.


Informing users at the right time and place with offers, product information and other content is the key to gain trust and loyalty. Our technology targets users based on when and what actions they take, outdoor location with geofencing, indoor location with proximity beacons or iBeacons and other triggers.


Your mobile app needs to entertain the user so that they not only come back, but tell their friends as well. Make your apps more engaging by integrating gamification and interactive tools with tactics such as contests, “What am I” quizzes, scavenger hunts that utilize barcodes or augmented reality and more.

Our Approach

At Mobinett Interactive, we take an holistic approach towards mobile app development. We first understand your objectives in detail to create an user engagement strategy. Then we bring in appropriate latest mobile technologies and frameworks to implement the strategy and launch your mobile app. Once your mobile app is out in the market, we can help you analyze mobile app usage patterns and tweak the strategy accordingly. By refining both the strategy and technology over a period of time, approximately around six months, we can ensure that your mobile app has the best user experience and stands out in the iTunes App store or Google play store.


We know that producing a new product or service requires a well-executed strategy to succeed. At Mobinett Interactive, we'll collaborate with you to understand your vision and create a roadmap.


Tell us the details of your product concept in the form of user stories that describe how your service should work. Using the wire-frames as a model, we'll design appealing, rich interfaces that are attractive to your targeted users.


Our agile and test driven development methodology with short sprints will allow you to try new features in your apps quickly and ensure you receive high quality, high performance deliverables.


We will work with your service providers directly to deploy your apps to production. Mobinett Interactive will also help you plan and market your launch to maximize returns on your go-to-market investment.

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